About Aimee

I started this blog in 2014 when I taught English as a foreign language. My time spent away from home inspired me to keep on experiencing things, and to keep on writing about them.

I have worked both in-house and on a freelance basis for Rough Guides, a leading travel guidebook publisher, as well as having contributed to a number of online travel publications. My up-to-date portfolio is below:

Rough Guides: https://www.roughguides.com/author/aimee-white/

Metropolis: https://metropolisjapan.com/non-foodie-guide-to-osaka/

GapYear: https://www.gapyear.com/articles/282756/8-things-to-do-in-chengdu

PinkPangea: http://www.pinkpangea.com/author/aimee-w/

Top European Destinations On Instagram: http://abritandasoutherner.com/top-european-destinations-ig/

Teaching English in Prague: http://www.everyfootstepanadventure.com/teaching-abroad-series-part-2-europe/



7 thoughts on “About Aimee

  1. Just discovered your blog and I am obsessed! I’m also an English teacher living abroad, and found your posts really relevant! Keep on writing (and traveling!).

  2. Hi there, great blog! I was wondering what program or school you taught with in Prague? Did you rent a flat in the city or the on the outskirts of town? I am looking to teach English in Prague this fall. Please let me know 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks so much! I was employed by Akcent, who are part of the International House organisation. My flat was included in the contract so whilst it wasn’t in the city centre, it was easy enough to travel to and from and I didn’t have any problems there. Hope that helps!

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