5 things to do in Bath

Bath makes for a glorious visit in the UK; whether it’s intriguing history, stunning architecture or shopping that you’re after, here are 5 of the best ways to enjoy Bath.

  1. Alexandra Park. Take a rather steep walk up through the beautiful residential area of Lyncombe Hill until you reach Alexandra Park on your right. With a bright burst of green grass in front of you and iconic Bath-esque buildings down in the distance, it’s a great way to get an aerial view of the city, take in the fresh air and relax.
  2. Roman Baths. Maybe it’s the main reason you’ve come to Bath, but soak up all the history you can about the place. Informative and friendly volunteers lead tour groups around the baths, and there’s also an incredible museum inside as well featuring Roman curse tablets, remains of temple facades and a beautiful bronze head of Sulis Minerva.
  3. Canals. You can either watch the canals float past or hire one out; the former is relaxing, humorous, whilst the latter can be stressful, but it all pays off, right?
    Photo copyright: Aimee White


  4. Jane Austen Centre. Celebrate England’s favourite author of the Regency period in this small and cosy museum. There’s even a chance to dress up in character- who knows, maybe your Mr Darcy will be right around the corner…
  5. Shopping. Heh, yes, I *know* it’s a little travel-guidebooky but the shops are great in Bath- and there are so many over such a big distance! My favourite was the outdoors SouthGate shopping centre, the buildings mirrored in that gorgeous Georgian style. In the summertime, deck chairs are put out in the centre for hardcore shoppers and bored dads/boyfriends to take a rest.

What else could you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!



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