Sunday’s travel photo

Back in October, I spent two weeks in Japan. I spent one week in Tokyo, which I loved, and then the second week in Kyoto. From Kyoto I took three day trips; Osaka, Nara, and Hiroshima.

I went to Nara with four other friends I’d made at Anne Hostel in Tokyo. It was a boiling hot day and us girls in the group had decided to hire kimono to wear for the day! We’d ended up going into a museum to ask if they knew where the nearest kimono shop was, and one of the front of house staff members very kindly walked us to one.

We each had our own dresser, who put on a canvas-style tunic first, then a thick kimono, followed by a lighter silk layer, and then a tight waist-belt band. We then had the outer kimono put on (the green one you can see in this photo) and a decorative band around our middle with a bow-style decoration on the back. We then had to wear white socks (with gaps between the big and second toes!) so we could wear the shoes, and then picked a hairstyle and handbag.

It was difficult to walk at first, as you couldn’t take big strides and we were trying to walk uphill! But we soon got the hang of it and it was mostly very comfortable.

Nara Park is dotted with temples, and deer. As we made our way to each magnificent temple, there were deer crossing the road, being shooed out of shops, and generally just being fed biscuits everywhere we went!

I’d recommend Nara as a day trip for anyone who has enough time from Kyoto or somewhere else nearby. We even had a few people ask us if we were actual geisha- not just foreign tourists but a few Japanese as well- so that was strange, but nice!



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