Catching up in Shanghai

The train pulled into Shanghai at 3.50pm. Considering I didn’t have a map or any notes (just a street name of my hostel), I seem to do pretty well navigating my way around China- of all places! After getting off at People’s Square, I hazily thought back to the hostel directions and remembered I had to take a left; so I did. I walked down the street, and then the street where my hostel was was just on the right! Again, it all went weirdly to plan for someone without a map in China. I stayed at Mingtown Etour Hostel, which I’d definitely recommend. It overlooked a kindergarten and high school, so walking down the stairs meant you could always see the boys playing basketball! Check out the view from the balcony outside the dorm:


Look at that gorgeous sunset! Construction workers on smaller buildings in the foreground, and the giant skyscrapers, including the Pearl Tower on the Bund, in the distance.

The next day, I took a trip down memory lane, and it was weird. I walked from the hostel to the train ticket office, which was down a little road behind the hostel I’d stayed in back in 2014! Using my practiced Mandarin, I was able to book a return train ticket from Shanghai to Ningbo, so I was pretty pleased with myself- and I think the woman working there was too! I had lunch at a local restaurant (beef noodles and a Tsingtao for £1.80), where I’d eaten before, walked through the main shopping street on Nanjing Road, where I’d got a taxi from with my old roommates to a club, and then ended up on the Bund. It was as if I was time travelling, or jumping into an old photograph that comes to life again. Very weird, but lovely! I love the old style buildings in Shanghai, with clothes drying everywhere and so many cables draped high across the street they almost block the view of it.

Jiaozi for dinner

Later that night I went shopping at People’s Square metro station- some of the major stations have rows of shops everywhere, such a good idea when there’s not much space! Again, I practiced my Chinese in every shop I went in, and managed to buy a blue shirt for £6!

On my last full day in Shanghai, I visited a couple of art galleries and watched the sunset on the Bund. Whilst I don’t mind travelling solo, there are moments when you realise it’d be nice to share that with someone. But it’s never going to stop me from doing what I want to do; I’d rather do it alone than not at all!


I liked all of my roommates I met during my stay; the two Irish girls who I drank at the hostel bar with every night, chatting with the French girl Karin and the German girl Jennie, and then those whose names I didn’t catch (woops) like the American girl who was teaching and studying in China and the Mexican I spoke about shopping for tea with! There’s always a diverse range of people you meet whilst travelling, which is just intensified by staying in dorm rooms!

I was really sad to leave China, and a piece of my heart will always be with it! But the next leg of my journey was taking me to Japan, and I was brimming with excitement….


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