Rome, Italy

I visited Rome back in 2011, as part of a University study trip. It was a boiling hot week in August, and we spent every day from 8am-5pm out researching and sightseeing- so much walking!

Being in Italy, the heat meant we ate gelato every day. There were public fountains that we used to refill our water bottles. Rome was the first place I ‘haggled’ in (I bought two ‘I Love Rome’ bracelets for 2 euros instead of 4, check me out). We were there for a week, but I can’t think of one single place we didn’t visit- the travel guide books would have been very impressed with us!

We visited Trevi Fountain which was bustling with tourists, wandered around the Colosseum in awe, gazed up at the columns of emperors Marcus Aurelius and Trajan, imagined all the original buildings that once stood at the Roman Forum, climbed the Palatine Hill, nosed around emperor Augustus’ house, the underground necropolis at the Vatican, and visited Hadrian’s Villa. That’s probably half the amount of places we visited. We also visited the set where the HBO Rome series was filmed, and that was interesting to imagine what these grand buildings or fragmented ruins once looked like in all their splendour- and colour.


One place that really struck me, was Piazza Navona. I remember we had escaped the Trevi Fountain area, which was rammed, and wandered down a quiet alleyway past the Pantheon and found ourselves there. The piazza was covered in shade, and the main square was filled with artists selling their beautiful paintings of the beautiful capital city. Whilst there was some sort of protest happening at one end, at the other end I noticed locals on the street talking to their neighbours who were poking their heads out of small windows in their orange-coloured flats.

I’ve since visited other cities in Italy, but Rome will always have a hold on me, simply for the immense history aspect that is so captivating and interesting. Have you visited Rome before? Did you prefer it to other Italian cities? Let me know in the comments below!


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