Budapest, Hungary



Budapest is a fun city to explore and play in. Take in a walking tour by day, and check out the ruin bars by night. The food to try out there, aside from goulash, has to be lángos, which is a deep fried flatbread with (not so healthy) toppings of sour crème and grated cheese! My friend and I shared one on Margaret Island, which is located in the middle of the Danube in the city. 

To get there, you have to catch the bus and get off at the stop actually on the Margaret Bridge, and then walk down. However, as we were too busy staring over the other side of the river towards the Parliament building, we completely missed the stop, meaning we had to wait for the next stop and then walk back on ourselves! Margaret Island is great for an afternoon visit, as you can hire pedal-style buggies and cycle around the island, enjoy picnics, and play a game of tennis. Alternatively for the fitness freaks, you could make an early start and go for a morning jog around the 5km track available.

There was also a food festival on the weekend we went, although let’s be honest, there always seems to be some sort of food festival on wherever you are in Europe! To escape the bustling market stalls of sweets, meats, cheese, fried goods and more, they put on traditional music accompanied with traditional dances in the open park, which everyone seemed to enjoy.

I’d also recommend Air BnB; we stayed in a rubbish hostel on our first night but then found a great apartment that comfortably hosted 6 of us for the rest of our stay, so there are good deals to be found! Looking back it would’ve been great to go to a few more ruin bars, so I’d recommend 4-5 nights in the capital city. You can read more about my trip to Budapest by clicking here!


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