Karlštejn, Czech Republic


Sometimes, a 35km bike ride is just what you need. Back in May last year, a group of us hired bikes and decided to cycle from Prague to Karlštejn. I’d tell you how long the trip took, but by the time you factor in our food stops and beer breaks… well, you go for the journey, not speed!

We started by cycling through the Old Town Square, down past the Vltava river, and then finally out of the tourist area into the fields and open space. The Czechs are extremely active, and I felt glad that I could join in with that for the day!

As you cycle outside of the city, you notice wide landscapes your eyes can pour over, rather than making your eyes focus on a specific building. It’s a very subtle but wonderful observation I’ve made with places before; going from big cities and their big buildings to wide landscapes where the sky takes up two thirds of the view.

We arrived into Karlštejn around 4pm, and treated ourselves to well-deserved Greek meal. We skipped a visit to the castle that Karlštejn is most popular for, and caught the train back from a tiny train station where we crossed the tracks to get to the other platform. We caught the train back to Prague, which took around half an hour, before cycling down Wenceslas Square and returned our bikes. And how better to reward ourselves than with a visit to the beer garden at Riegrovy Sady…


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