Longji Village Rice Terraces, Guilin


I took this photo from one of the restaurants I ate at on the Longji Village Rice Terraces. All the buildings you can see here are either villager houses, restaurants, or hotels. I stayed on these beautiful, awe-inspiring rice terraces for 3 nights. I climbed to the highest points that you can see here, and ventured down to the very bottom as well.

The journey there was an adventure itself- I’d arranged for the hostel driver to pick me up from Guilin train station and drive me there. In my naivety I thought the journey would take half an hour tops. But we drove for a couple of hours, passing bends in the road where rocks had fallen from the hills above into our path, and then having to run through the rain with an umbrella and in the pitch black to another hotel that had an ATM, because I didn’t have enough with me for the mega-fare.

Luckily I made friends with a couple of Chinese travellers there who told me that there was a coach that came once a day to take people back to the train station, for a fraction of the price!

Longji village has a beautiful, natural landscape and it’s so quiet and tranquil. I would recommend either one or two nights there before heading back into the city for another 3-4 nights.


2 thoughts on “Longji Village Rice Terraces, Guilin

  1. I was in Guilin five years ago, and found it peaceful, too. There’s a cave that is absolutely stunning with colorful stones; did you visit? Wonderful adventures!

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