Vienna; Naschmarkt


There’s nothing I love more than wandering around market stalls! Whilst some believe that once you’ve been to one, you’ve seen them all, I don’t think they’re looking closely enough. I love seeing what items people have hoarded and what has been passed down for years and years. The amount of food that’s on display, too, is salivating, even for food I don’t like (such as olives- as pictured)! One of my favourite markets I’ve visited was in Shanghai. I came across it by chance, and whilst there were a few tourists there, it wasn’t inundated and was on a relatively quiet street. There was jewellery, 1960’s school books, magazines and posters, clothes, children’s toys and more. Unique items that I wouldn’t find in other countries.

I have also visited Naschmarkt, in Vienna, where these photographs were taken. The 1.5 km long market dates back to the 16th century, and is located at Wienzeile, close to Kettenbruecke metro. The food stalls are bursting with colour, vegetables spill out of their containers, and you feel the slight chill in the air as you pass the aromatic array of fish resting on beds of crushed ice. Small olive green cafes take cover amongst the market, with people pausing between browsing the stalls to sip coffee and devour fresh pastries.

Past the food stalls, there is the flea market, which features antiques, bric-a-brac, and general wonderful items where you wonder where they originated from, and how they found their present owners. If you find yourself in Vienna, then Naschmarkt is a must- give yourself a couple of hours to indulge in good market food, people-watch from the cafes, and take in all the different smells. Visit on Sundays for the fleamarket.


5 thoughts on “Vienna; Naschmarkt

  1. I love your observation that people who say “See one market, you’ve seen them all” aren’t looking nearly closely enough. Your photos prove that to be true, because — although I’ve been to a zillion markets — I find myself wishing I could dive into your images and explore each of those stalls. Great post!

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