The Trip That Changed My Life

Hey guys! So recently, I was asked to take part in an exciting travel writing project called The Trip That Changed My Life. The reason for doing so? A chance to contribute to and read about a collection of traveller’s stories, whilst fundraising for 2 important charities at the same time.

The intent is that while traveling (near or far), you came to some realization or saw something dramatic or experienced something that moved you in some way – and this event altered your views on an aspect of your life or thinking or way of doing things.” 

This global book project features over 50 writers who have each contributed their story, their experience, their way in the world. I love reading about other people’s travel experiences anyway; partly because I’m nosy, but also because each blog has an amazing story to tell. It gives you insight into how glorious the ordinary can be, as well as feeling like you’re really with them in those ‘wow’ moments too.

Funds raised from the project will go towards charity; this is a charity project. To help support 2 great causes, you can sign up on IndieGoGo today! The two charities we are supporting are Unborn and Save The Children, which are both two very worthy causes.

Here’s the link: IndieGoGo: The Trip That Changed My Life

Follow the Facebook page here: Facebook: The Trip That Changed My Life


You can decide what format you want to receive the book in- I’ve ordered mine in paperback and e-book.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and back this brilliant cause today- which you’ll be rewarded for with a unique travel book!





4 thoughts on “The Trip That Changed My Life

  1. Thanks Aimee! Looking forward to getting these books out to you and all the backers. It’s going to be so amazing!

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