A year ago tonight, I watched the Eurovision Song Contest in the bar at the Meininger Hostel I was staying at in Munich. I was joined by a fellow Brit, and a Canadian who had never heard of the contest before! Needless to say he was less than impressed by it, and couldn’t get his head around what all the hype was about.


As Sweden won that year, I imagined what it would be like next year, and where I would be in the world. Isn’t it crazy how quickly time passes?! I also watched Rick Stein’s Long Weekend in Vienna recently, which was again around the same time I had visited a year ago!

I never originally had an urgent desire to travel, it was really something I just stumbled across and subsequently enjoyed the journey(s) from there! It seems to have been the thing that’s given me some sort of route to follow as I go through my twenties. I’m starting to learn about myself that I don’t really care so much for possessions or material items as a ‘typical’ lifestyle for me would dictate. There’s nothing wrong with working hard to buy nice things but right now I’m not so inspired by that as I am seeing the world.


That’s why I’m all the more determined to make the most of 2016. We should make the most of being able to travel, and more importantly, make the most of our time here. Next up on my travel agenda is Berlin at the end of the month. I can’t wait- if you think there’s anything I should see let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Eurovision!

  1. I agree, time passes so quickly! It’s funny, isn’t it? I never imagined that I would be in Australia when I watched Eurovision from my home in Norway, last year. I hope you get a great trip to Berlin! 🙂

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