Sunday’s Not-So-Travel Photo

To travel is to explore; but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the places that we call home.  

So whilst this isn’t a photograph I’ve taken abroad, it is a photo I’ve taken whilst exploring my hometown, to areas I’ve heard of but never been to- simply because they were so nearby I felt I should be somewhere ‘else’.

Sometimes it’s ridiculous that I’ve taken the time to explore so many other different places, that I’ve kind of forgotten to explore my own so much!

So just remember that it is always possible to travel no matter where you are- as long as you’re exploring somewhere new or taking on new adventures, then that counts as travel in my opinion! 


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Not-So-Travel Photo

  1. It’s difficult to travel around the world all the time, but it’s always possible to step outside your comfort zone and explore some new places around you. Thanks for sharing!

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