An Interview With Laurel Robbins

Laurel Robbins is an inspiring figure, and in her own right too. Having switched from her ‘normal’ job in Canada to running a travel website from Germany, she is addicted to the great outdoors, particularly hiking mountains, and in turn has explored an envious amount of sights!


She is also a successful BBC_Localite for BBC Travel’s Instagram page, where she shares snaps of life in Munich. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Laurel, and find out about what her experience of travel has been like.


Laurel Robbins adventure travel blogger-21


What was the first ever mountain you climbed?

Table Mountain near my home town of Pincher Creek in the Canadian Rockies. Despite it being so windy that I almost got blown off, I was hooked!

What has been your most challenging travel experience?

I have two very different ones. The very first country outside of Canada and the U.S. that I visited, I also lived in – South Korea. I was teaching at a very small school with only one other foreign teacher, and the other larger schools were on the other side of the city, so it was difficult to meet people. It was a very lonely time, but taught me to travel on my own instead of waiting to have someone to go with me.

The other challenge was a physical one – cycling 1350 km along the Iron Curtain Trail in Finland – solo for 18 days! It was my first big physical challenge that I had done alone. Although there were tears a couple of times along the way, and really sore hands due to a nerve injury, I enjoyed it immensely and never got lonely!

Drakensberg Mountains, Cathedral Peak, South Africa

What is your main criteria when planning a trip; history, scenery, adrenaline, or challenge?
I seek out trips that involve that physical activity and that connect me with nature and/or wildlife. I loved hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 175km trek around the highest peak in Western Europe that takes you through France, Italy and Switzerland.

How has travel shaped your professional and social life?
I now make a living as a travel blogger, and as a result travel much more frequently than I did when I held a 9-5 job. While there are a million easier ways to make a living, I’m grateful that I’m able to make mine through travel. Also as a result of travel, my group of friends is much more diverse, both in terms of nationalities and ethnicities, and also age range. This has shaped my outlook on the world and I’m grateful for the new perspectives it has brought me and continues to bring me.

Do you still have the same views on travelling as when you started out?
I started out with a check list of places I wanted to see. I still have a checklist, but now it’s of things I want to experience. I get so much more out of travel when I’m doing something in that place like hiking or cycling, rather than just visiting the highlights. I also prefer wild landscapes to cities. It took me four years of living in Europe, before I made it to Paris.

These were just snippets about her adventures! To find out more about Laurel Robbins, visit her website at Monkeys and Mountains.
You can also find her on Instagram at Laurel_Robbins.

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