How to save money for your travels!


Ditch your preconceptions and book into a hostel!

Hostels are a hidden gem when it comes to travelling; they can be just off the beaten track so you can check out more of the local scene, however they’re still close enough for you to fit in all the sightseeing you want done.

Research and plan!

Organisation is a skill we all have- it’s just that some have to hone that skill more than others! If you have an idea of what city you want to head to, read up all about it and ask questions on TripAdvisor. You’ll find it easier to save money this way, as you’ll have planned more specifically what you want to do, rather than just making last minute decisions once you get there.

Drive less, walk more!

It’s easy just to hop into a taxi and be driven to your destination, isn’t it? But the easy way doesn’t always mean the best way! Whenever I’m travelling, I make a point of walking everywhere. I use a trusty paper map, or I jot down the directions from Google before I head out, because as soon as I leave the hostel I won’t have any internet connection! By walking down a street instead of driving past it, you‘ll notice so many more details than you would in a taxi. Not only will it save you money, but you’ll be breathing in that city’s natural air, instead of the air-con from a stuffy taxi.

Travel at odd days and times!

You’d be astonished to see the difference in flight prices simply between two different dates. If you’re travelling for a shorter amount of time, try to find weekday flights, or flights that depart in the evening and arrive early morning. These are also unpopular times to travel, so airlines may cheapen the seats.


Thanks to Personal Capital (link opens in new tab) for providing a great infographic for this post.


Do you have any other tips?


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3 thoughts on “How to save money for your travels!

  1. Book flights directly after a tragedy. Last year layovers in Ukraine were quite cheap, and earlier this year Egyptian Airlines had great discounts.

    Also, try couchsurfing or even working abroad. There are tons of options and they allow you ti better know an area.

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