Your Favourite Dishes Across The World!

If, like myself, you find yourself salivating over food snaps, then you’re in for a treat.

I asked the travel community to share their favourite dishes they’ve tasted abroad- and now I will be eternally hungry.

Read on to see if you can spot your favourite dish- or let me know what yours is in the comments below!


1- Me! IG: 24AndTravelling / Twitter: @aimeefw

Eating dumplings in Chongqing

I chose steamed dumplings, or jiaozi as they’re known in China, as my favourite dish.  I took a dumpling-making class in Guilin, and my favourite filling has to be pork and spring onion! Think of them as a mini and Far Eastern equivalent of a Cornish Pasty…

2. Mia Herman –

Mia’s favourite dish is Shoyu Ramen, eaten in Tokyo, Japan (Chuka Soba Inoue in the Tsukiji Fish Market). She flew from LA to Tokyo for 24 hours just to devour this!

3. Mareike Entzian – / IG: @simplywanderin


“I fell in love with Thai food, especially anything with these little chilies inside. My favorite was a coconut milk based soup with chicken, lemongrass and chilies. It was really simple but full of flavor. Tried it in Kanchanaburi and also in Bangkok.” She also recommends Tom Yum Soup!

4. Rachel Sales, of, picked hummus shakshuka as her favourite! It’s a “plate of shakshuka (eggs in red sauce and lots of spices) surrounded by hummus. I first had it at Kaful in Tel Aviv.” Sounds delicious!

5. Erica Jackey


“Mango Sticky Rice! I actually had this delectable dessert for the first time in Hong Kong at a Thai restaurant called Mango Tree.”

6. Ariel Annon –


“I’ve always loved sashimi, but of course nothing beats fresh fish in Japan. This was a selection of fresh fish including fatty tuna and salmon. I also ate Banh Mhi (Vietnamese sandwich) pretty much every day during my trip to Vietnam.”

7. Tiff Ng- IG: @anytiffng

“I had this beef noodle soup I got in some beat off place in Hong Kong. I went with a local friend of mine and recommended me with the special, even though everything was in Chinese and I had no idea what it actually was. I love adventurous cultural eating, so this was right up my alley and I loved it!”

8. Tbtw Btwife –

“I absolutely love this Chocolate Pecan Pie from Dancing Moose Cafe in Yellowknife, Canada.”

9. Vik Vek- IAmVagabond.com11220789_10154073480328140_5088617627137515375_n

“If it was just that crispy crust, drenched in fresh cheese and savory sauce, it would have been just terrific, but then you add freshest of fresh seafood in there and it transforms into heavenly. To add to this the owner of this small mom-and-pop pizza shop was making the pizza himself with such tender love and care and even offered a few tips on enjoying Barcelona. The entire experience was made so very memorable.”

10. Alice Nettleingham – TeacakeTravels / IG: @TeacakeTravels

Alice tried this dish, bibimbap, in Busan, Korea. She describes the meal as “awesome Korean food!”

11. Solmaz K –


“Santorini fava puree topped with capers and scallions. Tried it at Metaxi Mas (a resto popular with the locals)!”

So there we have it- 10 amazing dishes, from Italy to Korea, all tried and tested by you.

Did I miss off your favourite meal or snack? Let me know what your favourite international dishes are in the comments below!


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