5 of the best ways to enjoy Prague this summer!

Having previously lived in Prague for a year, I’ve decided to share some of my secret tips to help you enjoy Prague in the summer- roll on Summer 2016!


First one to spot Prague Castle wins a Pilsner!
  1. Beers along the river
    Hop on the tram to Vyton, walk down to the riverside, buy a beer from one of the bars in the arches, and sit yourself down with a group of friends to drink and chat the evening away. There will be live music, friendly dogs, and friendlier people; a perfect combination against the setting sun.12516426_10153916549330605_301786571_n
  2. Riegrovy sady
    Hop off at either Hlavní Nádraží or Jiřího z Poděbrad metro stations and begin your ascent to the top of Riegrovy Sady. You’ll hear when you’re near. Chill out with dozens of others on the hill that overlooks Prague Castle and the rest of the city, and when you need a refill, head over to one of the bars. There’s also an actual Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden here, which is one of the largest and most popular beer gardens in Prague. With large TV screens showing the football, foosball tables and a variety of food stalls, this was probably my favourite beer gardens out of the many in Prague! , Another must-do if you’re looking to get involved with the social scene.

    Visit David Černý’s interesting pieces by Muzeum Kampa
  3. DIY Art Tour
    The Czech scultpor, David Černý, is wonderfully notorious for his pieces throughout the city. Research a bit about them, and make your own ‘walking tour’ based around where they are. The crawling babies photographed above are located by Muzeum Kampa, right  along the Vltava’s edge, to Kampa Island.12421862_10153916553750605_739106818_n
  4. Prague Museum Night
    From 7pm to 1am on June 11th 2016, Prague’s museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions will open their doors for one night and one night only. With transport and entry to all buildings free, you would be crazy to miss this. It’s one of those ‘different’ events that you might not come across again. For more information about this unique and extraordinary night, head to www.prague.eu.12884553_10153916553820605_1264060131_n
  5. Food & Beer Festivals
    Prague hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, mostly food and beer related; but that’s never a bad thing, right? The best way to enjoy such festivals is as follows: 1) Find a patch of grass for your group to sit down on. 2) Buy the classic sausage, slice of bread, dollop of mustard and/or ketchup meal on a paper plate with breakable plastic cutlery (impossible to avoid). 3) Buy a beer. 4) Plonk yourself down and relax! To view what festivals are coming up in the city, head to www.expats.cz.

I’ve noticed the majority of mine include beer, so if you can think of anything else you did then please let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “5 of the best ways to enjoy Prague this summer!

    1. Hi Kristin! I lived in Prague from August 2014 until June 2015. I loved it there! The people were friendly and patient with my bad Czech language skills! I’d definitely recommend going, it’s such an interesting place to visit; food, history, architecture, shopping!

  1. Going to Prague this summer! My friends and I are doing very random things though – going for a Romeo and Juliet play and an escape room game, of course in addition to the main touristy stuff :”)

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