An Insta-Chat with Insta-Chaz


Meet Insta-Chaz; the London-based Australian who sketches out the things we experience in our lives. From bar charts, to venn diagrams, to short conversations, he manages to capture the realities of many things- including travelling- and then draws them on post-it notes.

What makes his sketches unique is that they are extremely relatable, especially in the world of travelling!

Having recently taken over Lonely Planet’s #lpinstatakeover on their Instagram account for the weekend, we saw the travel-related sides of life. I managed to catch up with him to ask him about his travelling experiences.


Learning a language is all about confidence and bravery, but sometimes you need a bit of Dutch courage to help you along. What do you think makes a language difficult to learn?

The words, mostly. 

Yes, I suppose that’s one way to sum it up! I’m currently learning Mandarin but it’s harder when you’re not surrounded by native speakers.

Ni hao ma! That’s all I know. I don’t speak any other languages other than English!



If you have a choice, where you choose to sit on a plane can reveal a lot about you. If you pick an aisle seat, you’re a people-watcher. If you pick a window seat, you’re a daydreamer. But when you get the middle seat, you just get sympathy.

First of all, which do you prefer- a window or an aisle seat, and why?

Any flight less than 3 hours, I’ll go window. For a long haul, I’ll try and get an aisle.

I like to break the flight up by listening to a podcast, reading a magazine, glaze over the city’s map, and maybe take a nap. How do you keep yourself entertained on flights?

I like to watch Frozen when I’m flying, and if Ratatouille is on there as well that’s a bonus. Then I like to try and drink as much alcohol as humanly possible, while also convincing whoever is next to me to do the same. 


Lastly; if Jetlag were a person, what would he/she be like? How would they act, and what would they wear?

I think if Jetlag were personified it would probably be like Alan Rickman in one of his more curmudgeonly roles.

I like your style of thinking. It makes jetlag more appealing! Thanks for your time, Insta-Chaz!


To view more of his work, you can follow Insta-Chaz on Instagram by clicking here!


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