What’s in your sightseeing bag?

If you want to get the most out of a full day of sightseeing, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got everything you need. This differs for everyone; some just take the basics, like their camera, phone, and purse, whilst others are more prepared, and take an extra scarf or a picnic with them!
This post might give you some ideas on things to pack in the future that you hadn’t thought of before- or, maybe, like me, you’re just a little bit nosy.


  1. First up, it’s my bag:


I aim to pack enough, but not too much, so that if I buy anything, I can still fit it in. A camera and my phone are my 2 essentials, as well as my key or hostel card. As you can see, this particular trip was for a day in London, so obviously I had packed both an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses! Ah, the wonderful British weather. I usually pack a book or notepad as well if I’m waiting for my train/bus, and it gives me something to do for the journey.




2. Faith Dugan is sticking to the basics whilst she’s exploring Europe; “Map, phone, camera, wallet, lipstick. This will be the first trip I will take a selfie stick,”



3. Chris Backe, of One Weird Globemakes sure he is always prepared; “Daytrip? Camera bag. DSLR, extra lens, notebook, external battery pack, USB cords, sometimes an iPad if the travel time is more than an hour,”  

4. Sarah Elisabeth Johnson, of Paper, Ink, and Passports, says; “While it definitely depends where I am and what I’m doing, it’s a combo of the dlsr, iPhone, journal, possibly a charger, pens, passport, snack of almonds or something, extra layer (like a long sleeved tee or jacket), book to read, maybe a guide book or map,”

5. Maria Berneiser Haase, of Maria Abroad takes a purse and camera, whilst “The hubby takes a backpack! If I’m by myself, I try to stick to a purse as well. I feel less touristy that way. I don’t take maps, I have my phone for that. If husband is in tow, we pack some water and stuff our jackets in the bag or maybe some fruit and a granola bar (especially if it’s an expensive city),”.
A good tip for saving money here: bring your own snacks with you!


6. BrocheAroe Fabian has the fabulous idea of culinary extras: “I pack for a day of sightseeing as if I could be off on a week-long adventure at any moment. Always carry a pocket knife, lighter, and pair of chopsticks, which tends to meet all food needs. A bit of snack food, some magazines to read and discard if I find a park or seaside to read by, an extra layer, and bottle of water. Sunglasses, chapstick, & my iPhone/camera, and I’m ready to go!”
Check out her Facebook page and Instagram to find out more.


7. Sandy Swanton says, “It depends, but often its sling camera bag with dslr, 2nd battery at 16gb card (in case I’m inspired), notebook & pens, iPhone + charger, water, lipstick. In summer I’ll include a light wrap (in case I go into a church) and in winter it will be my gloves that I’ve cut off the finger tips for thumb and first two fingers, to be able to use the dslr,”
Check out her Instagram page by clicking here!



8. Josie Acland, of Six Year Gap Year, takes this tiny bag but fits in the following; “My 2L Camelbak full, my Canon 600D with my wide angle lens attached and my 50mm lens. I always have snacks, they are important to me! And chapstick. And an extra layer just in case! That’s it!” Good work, Josie!





An interesting and organised collection here- chapstick and camera accessories seemed to be a recurring theme here! What do you pack in your sightseeing bag? Let me know in the comments below!
A massive thank-you to all my contributors on this article. Make sure you check out their pages!

2 thoughts on “What’s in your sightseeing bag?

  1. GREAT post! I’m always curious about what other travelers carry — it tells you so much about the traveler, doesn’t it? I’m like you: fairly minimalist, because I don’t like to be weighed down, but I also like to be prepared. Sometimes this leads to *way* overthinking my purse’s contents (and a fair amount of teasing from friends and loved ones) but I’m always grateful later when I find myself wishing for dental floss or ibuprofen or an umbrella. I must say that my purse is nowhere near as stylish as yours, though! So you get extra bonus points for not only being really organized, but for also making it look good. 🙂

  2. I love using my Ameribag for sightseeing. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a “purse” ($50 US) but I love it. Lightweight, over-the-shoulder nylon bag with pockets to stay organized.

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