10 Tips To Help Your Travel Blog

Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. There are more beauty, travel, technology, fashion, science, and history blogs than ever before.

Which is great! You’re able to share your stories, experiences, reviews and opinions to a wide-ranging audience that is, essentially, everyone. However, the downside of it is that because so many more people are doing it, it’s harder to stand out.

I’ve made a 10-point list of how to kick-start and really get the most out of your shiny new blog.


1- Set up your blog!
Pick your URL, and customise the design and theme so that your blog is presentable. You don’t want your readers clicking on broken links, and you don’t want them to get confused navigating their way around the site- they’ll just lose interest.

2- Join travel groups on Facebook.
It’s a great way to converse and network with the travel community. You can see what others are up to, get tips and advice, and find opportunities to work with other blogs. I’m joined to The Aspiring Travel Writer.


3- Engage!
Read other blogs, first of all because you want to read them but also they’ll give you some great ideas. ‘Like’ posts, but remember to comment on them too; that way, other readers coming to the page will see your name and thus a link to your site, rather than just being another number in the likes section.

4- Collaborate with other bloggers.
Once you’ve joined a Facebook group, or you’ve found a blog that you love, get in touch with them and ask to interview them. They’ll promote your post on their blog to their followers, and a sort of snowball effect can kick in. Use your networks to your advantage!

5- Approach travel websites and contribute articles for their website.
It will help to establish your name and gives you good practice in writing for different audiences, not just your own.

6- Use a theme.
One month could be Asia, another could be Europe, another travel style, another travel gadgets… and so on. It’s a great way to attract various audiences, and reaches niche markets too.


7- Link your blog to as many social media platforms as possible.
You can find the link to my blog on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The recurring theme here is this; establish yourself!



8- Include pictures on your posts.
I made this rookie error a few times! I just get so carried away writing that I need to remember to stop and think about the presentation. Make your posts visual and break it up for the reader.

9- Set time aside to work on your blog and posts.
Don’t rush it, and take your time. Figure out a good plan that works for you. On WordPress you can schedule posts, so I use this to my advantage and usually have a post that goes out on a Monday morning, when I’m at work. Post regularly, but not too often- you want to show your audience that you’re active, not overwhelming!IMG_5824

That’s kind of the point you started the blog, right? So get outside in that fresh air, explore that city, interview that taxi driver, socialise with the other hostel guests, cook with those herbs. Starting a blog starts with you, and what you like. Experience things, and write about them. That’s sort of my motto for life, too.

These points could apply to any type of blog, really. The main thing is to work with what is available around you, and get the most out of it. I was idly reading a Buzzfeed post about Fist Pump Moments of Getting a Job, and then POOF! I came up with the idea to write about the 5 Fist Pump Moments of Travelling.

Did I miss off any other key points? Let me know in the comments below!


15 thoughts on “10 Tips To Help Your Travel Blog

  1. Great tips! I too just realized how important pictures are the post, so I am retroactively going back to put them in. The biggest issue I have is making time to actually sit down and write while traveling full time – there’s just so much to do out there! But thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. Great advice 🙂 lovely for me to read as I know that you established your blog when you went to China and I am still continuously working on mine and how to present it. Thank you Aimee 🙂

      1. Oh thank you! It is honestly a huge pleasure to read yours, all the posts are so captivating and well built, and the best thing about them all is they are very sincere

  3. Great tips! Right now I am working with SEO practices and going back and redoing posts with the new information I’m learning. Always room for improvement, right? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for all the tips! They are very useful. Recently I couldn’t find time for posting, but it gave me new motivation! 🙂

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