The 5 Fist Pump Moments Of Travelling

Whether it’s finally understanding a snippet of a conversation or finding a shortcut to your hostel, there are certain moments during your travels when you feel like you finally ‘get’ the country you’re in, and that pride shines through in the form of a fist pump.


# 1

When you’re able to order something in the country’s own language, and you’re not responded to in English.

There were countless times in China when I ordered my coffee perfectly in Mandarin, but the barista then just replied to me in English.

So it’s a great feeling when they simply process your order, or ask you another question in the native language, which you’re still able to reply back to- because you’re awesome and did your homework.



# 2

When you’re on the hunt for your hostel and you manage to find it before you throw a tantrum. Whether you’re using Google Maps or a printed map, you love not having to wander into a random IT shop, bakery, or McDonald’s asking for directions and thrusting said map into the poor employee’s face.




# 3

When someone asks you, either in English or the country’s own language, where something is and you’re able to point them in the right direction- you might even throw in what Tram number to look out for/avoid with a grin and a wink, if you’re feeling extra confident.

My highlight was when a Czech family asked me where the supermarket was. I was able to tell them, in Czech, to go up the stairs, turn right, but avoid the first set of doors as they were broken. I fist-pumped all the way back home.




# 4

When you finally figure out how the public transport works.

You know to get the 170 instead of the 124, because it cuts 15 minutes off your journey time, thus 15 minutes more in bed. You know that as soon as the bus doors open, you simply rugby tackle your way on, as queuing would be laughed upon. You learn that the walk between two tube stops is quicker than actually getting the tube in the first place.



# 5

Navigating your way through a foreign website to book tickets, view a menu, check the opening times, find the location. You’re allowed to fist pump if you can read the language, or alternatively if you completely guess your way through the site, basing your clicks on words that look similar to English words. And it works.


So, there we have it, 5 ways you help yourself during your travels. If you can think of any more, let me know in the comments below!


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