The Jekyll & Hyde of Travel

A sort-of Jekyll and Hyde effect is ripping through me right now. In its own mid-quarter life crisis way, of course. One half of me is so nomadic, where I don’t want to be chained down to one lifestyle, and I want to simply float around the world taking whatever job I fancy.

It’s the side of me that knows beautiful things can only be felt or seen- the sunrise, the taste of coffee, laughing with friends. That Jekyll of me cringes when people gush about their 5 year plans, discuss mortgages and emphasise the importance of a career.

Yet the other half of me is quite ordinary and quite like everyone else. I enjoy my office job; it’s in walking distance from my house, I get on with my colleagues, I enjoy my tasks and duties, and it pays me a wage I’m happy with. Thanks to my 9-5, I’ve been able to save some money and book European holidays; Milan and Turin in October, Geneva in December, and Amsterdam in January. I also like the idea of moving to London and working in the publishing industry, so I could have my own work published and thrive in a career of writing.

I know that’s the goal of so many, but I know that I’m definitely capable of it. It would be nice to own things that I wouldn’t have to think about selling to afford my next plane ticket, or store away as I set off on my next escape.

Yet sometimes I think of dropping everything and returning to China; it’s always such a romantic idea, isn’t it? At the age of 23 I have already done that, and so now I’m starting to think that rather than running away and thinking in the Now, I could join the crowd I am so dubious of, but with my own twist. Work now, play a bit later, but that way, I can play harder.

I still look at my first photos I took in China, and can’t believe how amazing that experience was. I enjoyed my year in Prague but the flame of China still hasn’t distinguished, so I know I need to go back.

I’m still learning that those moments reflected who I was then, and not to miss it, because the way that first travel experience changed and shaped me and my goals is all the evidence I should need that it did what it needed to do. When I travel again, I know that I’ll have even more of a blast than I did the first time!

Are you currently taking a break from travelling? How are you feeling about it- are you ridden with guilt for not being ‘out there’, or are you working towards a larger goal?


2 thoughts on “The Jekyll & Hyde of Travel

  1. The China episode sounds exciting but you have plenty of time ahead of you to return. 🙂 Well, we all say that, don’t we, but it does speed by, so enjoy life while you can. I’m sure you will, and good luck with it, whatever you choose. Thanks for the follow. 🙂 Happy 2016 to you!

    1. I’m torn between those two sayings too- I know I have plenty of time, but equally this year has just whizzed by!! We’ll see though. Thanks- you too. Have a happy new year!

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