I caught the coach from Černy Most, and watched the pretty countryside views for an hour and 15 minutes before arriving at Liberec. I’d read a blog post about the place and had a guide book with me, so once I stepped off the coach, I took off downhill as instructed 🙂 I went for a wander first, as I do so well in (usually when I have to specifically be somewhere at a specific time), then wound my way round to the Town Hall, which is in the main square. There were a few German tourist groups around and some fancy-looking cafes, then I wandered down another street and went for lunch at a recommended cafe! Very cosy, Czech, and a nice break from walking around in the heat 🙂 Afterwards I walked to The Stop, which is actually just a bus stop- but not any old bus stop. The artist David Černy had designed this, he has designed many other pieces that I’ve passed in Prague- like the upside down horse with King Wenceslas sat on top in Lucerna, the giant head, the kneeling woman (I don’t actually know their proper names oopss) etc. and this one was just as wacky as well. The stop was a giant table, with 4 chairs underneath. And on top of the table was some food, and a severed head on a plate with a knife and fork sticking into it! However as I was looking at it a couple of buses pulled over thinking I wanted to get on, they weren’t happy when I turned around and they saw I was another tourist with camera in one hand and the guide book in the other!

More walking followed, before going to the museum. Afterwards I planned to go to the art gallery on the other side of the road but most places seemed to be closing at 5pm, so I gave it a miss! I also ran out of time to visit Ještéd, a tower on top of a hill (so bad with names) from where you can see Poland and Germany! Maybe next time, hey. So I slowly walked back towards the bus station, taking a different route, and sat next to a very attractive man on the coach back 😉 I only had about 4 hours in Liberec but I’d say this was the right amount of time, and it’s another Czech place I can tick off my list now!


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