February and March

It’s finally getting into spring time which I’m happy about! I’m much more of a summer/hot weather person than winter… winter was terrifying trying not to slip over on the ice all the time haha. February was a busy month- my parents came out for a weekend visit at the start of the month. They stayed in a hotel just by Namesti Republiky which was a great location for them. I met them for lunch outside the Astronomical Clock on the Friday, and we also visited Prague Castle to watch the changing of the guards, a river boat cruise by night, Petrin Hill (including climbing the tower which was scary as it was windy), and other general sightseeing things. It was nice to show them the place I’ve called home for the past 7 months and what Prague is like.

I also managed to finally visit the Crypt- I mentioned that for our January book club we read HHhH which writes about the Crypt as the hiding spot for the two parachutists. I wasn’t able to go with the others in January as I’d left my purse at home 😦 But this time, with purse firmly in my bag, I visited and it was really interesting and harrowing but I’m glad I went. We also went on a day trip to Plzen and it was a really sunny day. I loved it there, and I’d like to go back again before I fly home. We went on the Pilsen Brewery Museum tour which was good fun too.

At the start of March, I went back home for a weekend. The school was on spring break at the time so I only taught 2 hours that week at my pre schools! Since then it’s all got very busy as I’ve had to sub lots of lessons- this week I taught 28 classes, so 28 teaching hours, and I know it;s not the standard 95 37.5 hours a week routine but I then spend a good few hours each day in the staff room planning the rest of my lessons soooo I pretty much leave there at 6/7pm so I’m working many hours a week really! This week, we had the TEFL version of Ofsted come in- I didn’t realise such a thing even existed, anyway they had set inspection times so if our classes fell in that time we had to leave our lesson plans on a chair by the door in case they wanted to come and observe the class. I had one Thursday morning class observed, grade 2, but the lesson went fine and there was nothing to worry about.

So the weather has been getting soooo much nicer now and I feel like I’m exploring more of the area as well. I met a Czech guy and met up with him a few times, which was nice, we visited some non-touristy places I wouldn’t have known to have visit before. What else? Ummm, well today was the Solar Eclipse so we took our classes outside and using their 3d discs, watched what we could of the eclipse. We were conscious of them not looking at the sun, so we told to be VERY careful- we told our grade 1 class to close their eyes and then look at the ground when we first went outside, which was hilarious as they were walking around as if they were blind! Anyway it was really interesting for everyone, I think the last time I saw the eclipse was when I was 7/9 years old!

Anyway I have a developmental observation next week with my grade 3s, I have to pick an area I want to develop on, like classroom management, or giving instructions, or something. But I still haven’t decided yet! The week after that I’m going to Budapest with some of the other teachers for the long weekend which will be nice.

It was my birthday last week, I celebrated by going to watch the rugby in a pub, then going out that night! We went to a 1920s themed cocktail bar, then a very funny metro trip to another pub, then finally onto Vargon, our favourite haunt at the moment. I slept for a very long time on the Sunday! But it was a fun weekend. Anyway I have to go now as the cafe I’m in in closing and I don’t have internet at the flat, so until April!xxx


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