Another week in Prague

It’s been getting colder in Prague and we’re starting to notice it now- the winter coats and accessories are out, and the heating is on non-stop! As a result I’ve had to go shopping for winter appropriate clothes, just part of the hard life I lead! It’s also quite dark and usually raining when we travel to school at 7am which isn’t the best motivator, but the school is boiling hot so we end up having to open all the windows! Last week, most of the classes were moving on to their final topics before the new unit starts in November. So my grade 4s have been learning about different famous builidings (Big Ben is a popular one), my grade 3s are looking at abstract and realistic paintings, grade 2 are describing furniture in different rooms of the house, and grade 1 are learning man woman girl boy etc.!

Last weekend we went to the light festival which was happening around different parts of Prague, with different light projections on big buildings, so we watched it at Namesti Muru cathedral, another building and a library, then we tried to watch the final one at Charles Bridge but it was rammed so we hit the pub instead! It was cold but worth it, all pretty amazing. There’s a public holiday on Tuesday so my school has Monday and Tuesday off- which means a 4 day weekend for me! I’ve just done some more sightseeing, and there’s also a Chinese exhibition on that I want to go to. As it’s Halloween next week, I’m going to plan some themed lessons for my classes so hopefully they’ll have fun learning about it 🙂

Anyway the rest of the weekend is yet to come so I’ll post again soon!


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