Hello Mr. Crocodile

It’s been over a month now since I’ve been in Prague and it’s flown by! The teaching has been stressful at times, but overall enjoyable. It’s nice knowing all of the pupils names and just knowing them a little better, I had no chance in China as I taught classes of 50 and changed every 2 weeks. But knowing the pupils makes the lessons run smoother too. I had a observed lesson recently which went well, so that’s promising!

The pupils have class and activity books to work from so we have set topics- some of them are quite interesting, like clothes/the weather/different jobs, and others less so, like telling the time. To go with this, I use other games and activities in class which use some sort of reading/writing/speaking practice. It’s also having to think of all the little things as well, like setting up routines for the younger years as a way to control the classroom. At the moment I’ve been writing all their names up on the board and giving them ‘good’ ticks during the lesson- so far no-ones hit 0 🙂

The weekends have been busier too; we spontaneously went to a Vivaldi concert one Saturday night, meeting up with the other teachers, and general sightseeing around the area too. Last weekend, a grorup of us caught the coach to Brno, which is just over 2 hours from Prague. There was an EFL conference but I didn’t get a place, so instead Hannah and I did some sightseeing instead. We visited a cathedral which had some great views and met the others after lunch to check in to the hostel. It was a really nice hostel in a good location, Hostel 11, so this is where the 6 of us stayed that night. We went for food and to a bar afterwards, and then the next day did some more sightseeing. We visited a ‘spooky castle’ on top of a hill which again had some amazing views. It was a boiling hot day and we spotted an outside-restaurant, so we took a table and then spent the next 3 hours basking in the sun. Didn’t think I’d be doing that in October! We rushed back to the coach station, arrived back into Prague early that evening, and had an early night ready for school the next day.

Aside from the primary school, I also tutor 2 individual pupils and teach 5 classes at 2 pre-schools. I’m actually just waiting for one of my pre-school classes to start this afternoon, this week the topic is shapes! It’s all quite jam-packed but I prefer having it this way than to be sat around twiddling my thumbs. Anyway hopefully I’ll be able to post again next week!


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