Dobryden, Prague!

So once again I’m teaching, but this time I’ve swapped China for Prague. I’ve been here for 3 weeks now and so far it’s flown by. I have a busy timetable- I teach at a primary school 5 hours a day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, a couple of hours at a pre-school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, one-to-one tutoring with a 9 year old boy on a Wednesday, and we also have sub slots where we can be called in to cover a lesson on short notice. So far I’ve subbed 2 classes- one was for a primary school, and the other for businesspeople who work for a company in the 2nd tallest building in the Czech Republic! It was pretty nervewracking as I’d never actually taught an adult class before but hopefully I pulled it off. Tomorrow once I finish at the primary school I’m rushing over to another nearby primary school to sub 2 classes. I have just found the school now so I am not running late tomorrow. We have a workshop every Friday and I’ve also started having Czech lessons on the same day as well. During the week, if I’m not teaching I’m in the staff room planning and sorting lessons so it’s very full on. In China because it was an inernship we could only work a maximum of 15 hours a week so I’ve had to up my game since being here! I felt a bit out of my depth to begin with but I like to think I’m starting to improve on it now. And so naturally by the time the weekend comes around I’m eager to go out and explore the city!

I teach grades 1-4 (ages 5-10) and my biggest class is 11 pupils- again, another contrast from a 60-strong Chinese classroom! Their English level is much higher so it’s just a case of finding the right balance of working them hard but still trying to make it fun! Some of the pupils in my Grade 1 class are in a seperate building across the road so I have to go and collect them and bring them back after the lesson. It doesn’t sound stressful but walking through the streets of Prague with 6 little girls who seem to run faster than Bolt, definitely is!

The first weekend I was here, a few of us wandered into the city on the Friday evening and sat by the riverside drinking beer which was nice. The next day we had a scavanger hunt organised for us, so in groups of 6 we had a number of tasks that we had 4 hours to complete as many as possible in. These included shaving a stranger’s head, riding a segway, collecting as many beer mats as possible, eating certain Czech foods in under a minute, find a wedding- all of which we did! It was also my first chance to do some sightseeing. We did a bar crawl last weekend which messy, as we all did these really strong shots called Bekarovka and this weekend we went out again- we deserved it! There is always something to do- last weekend we went to a wine festival, and yesterday we went to a street festival which was really good despite the rain, just tons of market stalls selling food, clothes, jewellery, drinks etc, and live bands too. This is a really short post for how much has happened so I’ve just done a summary-style post instead. Anyway tomorrow is the start of a very busy week but I’ll try to post on here each week!


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