Well the train journey from Guilin to Nanjing was interesting! I had a hard seat for the 20 hour journey, and the way people had been talking about it I was expecting the absolute worst. But it wasn’t actually too bad! Luckily it wasn’t an overly busy train so some of the seats were free which meant we could stretch out a bit. I also got talking to a Chinese girl and her brother, and to cut a long story short they invited me to their city Suzjou (?) where I think I might go for a few days after Shanghai. The people I was sat with were also really friendly and very chatty, all sharing food and having broken conversations. The only downside was trying to sleep, where I could only really doze off for an hour at a time. I was only in Nanjing for 3 days and it went really quickly. Becky was also there the same time as me which was a weird coincedence. The first full day there, we met up and went to the Nanjing Massacre Museum; I’d attempted to get the bus there but got lost, luckily a nice man walked me to the museum but maybe I shouldn’t have seemed so happy when we were there as it’s quite a sombre place 😛

The museum is about when the Japanese attacked Nanjing in 1937 and it was like a memorial museum for them. The Japanese (or ‘devils’ as they were referred to) killed men, buried them alive, and raped the women. It wasn’t totally clear for what reasons they’d done this and I remember my dad telling me about The Rape Of Nanjing ages ago, maybe I should’ve paid more attention 😛 After this we made our way to the Ming’s Palace Temple Ruins, but this was basically just like a giant square garden that you could walk right through without realising anything was there! Later that afternoon we met up with one of Becky’s pupils and visited the Confucius Temple which had loads of really nice shops! We spent a good few hours here, went for dinner, then watched a traditional dance performance on the lake. We sat down on a bench a bit later on just chatting and some of the nearby staff were asking Louise questions about us, but not just the general ‘where are they from, what do they do here, oh they’re English they must be very rich’, but also things like if the sky is clearer in England and cute things like that ^_^

The next day I’d planned to go to Stone City and the Presedential Palace, but it was really horrible rain, thunder and lightening 😦 So after traipsing round in the rain unable to find Stone City I just headed back to the hostel. I also thought I’d passed a salon as I wanted a manicure but nope it was like a hospital for older people with infected hands 😦 Later that day I met Becky at her hostel and we went for dinner….at Costa! Then we went to Dairy Queen, which I hadn’t tried before, so yeah a very Western day for us.

This morning my train left from Nanjing to Hangzhou, where I am right now. It’s raining here and only 22 degrees so I hope it cheers up tomorrow! I’m excited as I have 3 more sleeps before I go to Shanghai for the week 😀


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