Week 16- the final week of TEFL teaching :(

This has been the second week teaching at the Chengbei campus, the school I live at. Cait and I have been teaching in with Renee’s classes, which was quite weird to begin with having 3 teachers in one classroom. We’ve been dividing the lesson where Cait and I start with a game, and then after 15/20 minutes or so Renee takes over and teaches the class a song. So they’ve learnt The Lazy Song, All You Need Is Love, and also Alexander Rybek’s Eurovision entry from when Norway won a few years back πŸ˜› We also teach at a junior school on a Wednesday, and at both schools their English level is the highest I’ve seen so far so it’s been weird adapting to this and making activities more difficult!

So I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a crazy foreign teacher at the school who just packed up and left a couple of weeks ago. She wasn’t a TEFL teacher, instead she taught a different international programme where she prepares the pupils for their IELTS test which will allow them to study abroad at University. The school needed the rest of her lessons to be covered so next week I’ll be teaching the class of 6 pupils for 8 lessons. So although I was supposed to finish teaching tomorrow, I now have an extra week here, but as it’s outside of my contract I’ll get paid extra for this so I don’t mind πŸ˜› They just told us to teach them everyday things like practicing phone calls, and another class is USA History, so I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with them yet but I’ll think of something!

We had our final 6 classes on Wednesday at the junior school and in one of them they put on a show for us! They cleared some space in the middle of the room and a girl performed a couple of dance routines, then the class sang Justin Bieber’s Baby (boys as well), and ended with a girl doing some really impressive karate where she chopped a few planks in half, so cool! We showed them some music videos and did the dance to Everybody by the Backstreet Boys which the pupils found funny πŸ˜› In today’s lessons at the high school I started the class by showing them a couple of powerpoints about Britain- then we just watched music videos for the rest of the lesson, like the Spice Girls and Aqua πŸ˜›

Last weekend, 6 of us visited the Leshan Buddha, which is the biggest Buddha in the world. Leshan is a couple of hours away from Chengdu so we caught a coach and bus there. It didn’t actually take as long to reach the top as I thought, but it was really impressive and lots of photos were taken! We looked around a few of the caves and other things there, then began the horrible zig-zag walk down to the bottom which was hell on earth as it was so crowded and we basically stood in the heat as we shuffled forward a few steps every 10 minutes or so 😦 That evening we went to Emeishan which is the nearby town and a couple of the interns live there whose flat we stayed at. So we walked around the streets, tried a pizza cone (best invention ever), got some street food and watched the adults skipping and dancing in the square which is really popular out here. Later that night we went out to a club, and being the only foreigners there, we were the centre of attention again! It was weird/funny as we all had to stand on the stage in line holding hands and swing our arms up and down! Then we got pushed into the middle to dance whilst they stood in a circle around us holding hands and dancing round, it was so strange! The security there were also just on stage dancing as well which looked really funny. When we got back later that night we tried to continue the drinking games but soon gave up πŸ˜›Β 

I also had my last Chinese lesson and English corner on Tuesday 😦 We were all treated to dinner at a restaurant that evening to say thank you, and it was a couple of the teachers birthdays as well so they had to wear cardboard crowns πŸ˜› They had a cake so we sang happy birthday to them- also in China, they usually eat a bowl of long noodles for their birthday which symbolises a long life.Β 

I bought a massive rucksack today for when I leave the school and travel around China for a month- it’s all starting to sink in now how this is almost the end, I’m sad to say goodbye to everyone but as the saying goes, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!


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