Week 13 of teaching

Well this week started alright but then quickly deteriorated. I started at Longqiao Primary school and again the kids have gone slightly about being taught by a westerner. I have a standard first lesson plan which I used, so my classes on Monday went smoothly. At lunchtime a few of us went to a nearby restaurant, but the next morning I was very ill and had food poisoning 😦 There was no way I could go in on Tuesday so I was bedbound all day. I thought it was just a 24 bug but on Wednesday I was still as bad so I went to see the school doctor, who prescribed me a series of tablets and two small bottles of brown liquids to drink (I just pretended they were jagerbombs and downed it as fast as I could).

Yesterday I went back in- I’m not 100%, and my first class were SO noisy and loud so that definitely tested me! I had another class after this who were the complete opposite and very quiet, which made it easier for me but it’s more fun when they’re more chatty. Today I have 2 classes- the first is with Grade 5 so I was going to play the dartboard game with them, and the second is Grade 3 so I’ll teach them Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes 🙂

Next weekend is the Dragon Boat Festival, so we will have the Monday after next off. We also found out that next week, we will have Thursday and Friday off because there are some sporting events taking place that the pupils are involved in. So next week I’ll just be teaching Monday-Wednesday, and then enjoy a 5 day weekend! We’re planning to go to Chongqing where the Yangzste River is, hopefully there will be some boat races going on.

I have to tell you about a crazy older foreign teacher who has left now. She had been here for 6 months already and signed on for another 6 months, but on Tuesday she just packed her bags and left! When we first arrived the first thing we were told about her was that she thought aliens were in her computer because things kept moving around- it later turned out that her boobs were just resting on the keyboard! She also wore tinfoil under her hat to stop her thoughts from being surveilled, and thought the foreign teacher next door to her had sent spy machinery into her room. Whenever we passed her she wouldn’t even look up to say hi, in fact she would really obviously cross the road or stop and stare down at the ground until we’d passed! She also took a train to Beijing once just so she could get proper sleep and again not feel like she was being ‘surveilled’ by anyone. Anyway I’m pretty glad she’s gone because it’s quite scary to think someone like that lived just 3 doors down from me:’)

I’m actually really sad about my time almost being up here- I teach until June 15th and then I have a good month’s worth of travelling as I don’t fly back until August 3rd 😦 I think I will miss the people I see every weekend the most. I like our routine of meeting up at hostels and going out each weekend. Someone said when we first got here that the previous interns in Chengdu met up once a month or so. But we have seen each other almost every weekend! I still need to sort out my travel plans after Chengdu; at the moment I’m thinking of going to Xian, Guangdong, and Beijing, but I’m going to see if I can fit anywhere else in! I don’t really know what I’m going to do when I get back to England, I’ve always been very indecisive- I either want to continue travelling, move back to London, or get a place in Portsmouth! I would like to keep on travelling but I’ll have to check how much money I have left. Six months in China will be a great experience but I’d like to travel around more of Europe afterwards, I think, and maybe pick up another TEFL job there.


2 thoughts on “Week 13 of teaching

  1. I agree with you about quiet students – I find it the most frustrating when you’re practically forcing them to talk. I much prefer a chatty class. I would rather try to quiet them down than make them speak! (:

    1. Yeah, you never know if they don’t understand or if they’re just being quiet! They’re used to sitting in silence listening to the teacher out here so I think they’re not used to speaking out either.

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