Week 12 of teaching

This week at Longqiao Middle School I had been asked to teach about British customs. Firstly I showed them what sorts of meals we eat compared to them; cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and a big meal for dinner. Out here, they will eat meat dumplings or rice porridge for breakfast, and hot meals with rice for lunch and dinner. I also explained how we don’t use chopsticks and that we have our own plate of food, as out here various dishes are placed in the middle and you pick at them with chopsticks. I showed them popular sports as well such as rugby (they laughed at the players in shorts), football, tennis, and cricket (which they were adament was baseball). They all knew who David Beckham was and I also showed them Andy Murray. Then I tested how much they could remember by getting them to stick the different meals next to the right meal time, and pictures of sports/famous places next to the right word. I’m happy they got it right as my drawings were terrible! I then easily spent the rest of the 25 minutes playing the dartboard game which they didn’t get bored of, and it was funny how competitive they were against each team as I think some pupils actually fell out with ecah other during the lesson!

In my last lesson on Friday, when I walked in there was a card, panda teddy bear and an Eiffel Tower statue on the desk as gifts for me from the pupils. Because we have really enjoyed our time here, Cait and I bought a bottle of bijou for the principal, a potted plant for the English department, and expensive cigerettes for our driver to say thank you 🙂 However it’s not goodbye yet as we are all going to Miss Lou’s wedding tomorrow so we will spend the day together there 🙂

There is also a Moonbear Protection Site near the school which they said they would take us to. Moonbears look a lot like grizzly bears, but they have a white crescent-like streak across their chest which is how they get their name. However they later told us that the site was only open to Chinese people and that we’d need to get in touch with the Hong Kong offices to be allowed in, I’m not sure why! But after lunch on Friday afternoon a couple of the teachers took us to the site and we snuck around the back looking through the fences, it was quite funny as we were just sneaking around and taking chairs from nearby restaurants to stand and get a better look at them! We saw quite a few of them who were just chilling in the pool or lazing around… very cute but I’m glad there was a barrier between us!

I stayed at Traffic Inn again on Friday and a few of us went to Shamrocks again, and I spent pretty much the whole night on the dancefloor which makes me cringe thinking back to how I was trying to dance! I met up with a couple of others today and we just chilled all afternoon which was nice, before taking a taxi back to the school- sometimes getting taxis reminds me how much I need to learn more Chinese as haggling for the fare wasn’t easy! Tomorrow is the wedding so I will let you know how all of that goes .


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