Week 7 of Teaching

I’ve just finished my first week at Zhuyou primary school, where I’m teaching 8 classes a week to grades 3 and 4. I only have 1 lesson on a Friday finishing at 11.50am, so afterwards today we went for lunch at a nearby restaurant. It was the owner’s birthday and he came round with a bottle of bijou and got us all to drink some which obviously went straight to our heads as they just drink it straight! After this, our English teacher who is looking after us, Rain, attempted to teach us, MahJong, which I think I just about got the hang of as the game was ending. I definitely need to keep practicing!

Last weekend was really fun- it was the QingMing/Tombsweeping festival, so after our final lessons at the middle school last Friday, the teachers took us to a teahouse. This is a place where they sit around, drink tea (unsurprisingly), smoke, chat, gamble, and watch TV. We stayed here for a few hours before walking to a hotpot restaurant with the other English teachers and the principal who was constantly topping up our glasses with bijou! After this, we made our way to Mix Hostel as we were going out to Shamrocks for the night, which once again was awesome. There was no time for a hangover the next day though as I met up with Michael and Paul to go to Dufu Cottage musem. Dufu was a poet during the Tang Dynasty who fled to Chengdu during the An Lushuan Rebellion, so we went to visit the remnants of his cottage and the massive garden park where we easily spent a few hours. Once again not only were we taking lots of photos, but also being ‘discreetly’ photographed by the locals too. On Sunday I went shopping and to another museum in Tianfu Square, and as we had Monday off because of the Tombsweeping festival, I just lazed around all day πŸ™‚

This week has gone really quickly, as I think I say in every post, and it’s crazy to think I’ll be flying home in a few months (maybe). This week I’ve been teaching the pupils about the weather, likes and dislikes, and colours. Luckily I haven’t been asked for my QQ number yet or have had to sign my autograph onto pictures of Justin Bieber, so it’s been a lot calmer as I’ve managed to get from A to B without being mobbed! Once again they are all extremely friendly and welcoming though, whether they’re saying hello, ni hao, daja hao, or good afternoon to me πŸ™‚


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